About Us

We are just three Jeepers that love to ride trails and roadways in our Jeeps. We take our Jeeping seriously and we wish to share the unique opportunities we uncover with other enthusiasts.


Three Jeepers, LLC was created to allow us an avenue to present unique and interesting events for Jeepers.


If you have an Jeep event idea in St. Louis, in the southeast Missouri or Southern Illinois, we can make your idea a reality. Your vision can become a reality with us!

Three Jeepers

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Three Jeepers is a team of planners who create one-of-a-kind Jeep events. Three Jeepers offers event planning, We can turn your vision into reality!

What we can do for you

Chris, Beth, & Kurt, the Three Jeepers, are prepared to lead you through the process of creating a unique Jeep event. Turn on the idea faucet! We'll bounce the big ideas, promote original thinking and push boundaries. Once your concept is refined and approved, we'll bring it to life.