What is the Underground Rebound?

The mine sustained another devastating flood, only 16 months after the record setting floods of the winter of 2015/2016. The Underground Rebound is a secondary event offered to help defray the costs of flood prevention. There is still plenty to do. Not to mention you'll be meeting and making new friends!

What does it cost?

Price is per vehicle.

$30 One day entry into the event.

Do you support a charity with a portion of the profits?

Yes, a portion of our proceeds to the Crystal City Underground to help in the clean up efforts after it was devastated by the flood in late 2015. We have also organized volunteers to put in many man hours preparing the mine to reopen.

What does the fee cover?

Your fee gets you entrance into the event

How do I make a reservation?

Online at Eventbrite.com - Underground Rebound

The official host of the event is Three Jeepers LLC. Registration is contingent on availability. The Underground Rebound dates sell out quickly. Please register early.

Refund/Transfer Policy

No Refunds

Who can I bring?

Whoever you want! As long as they each have a required seat belt in your Jeep.

Can I purchase clothing, & gear for friends and family?

Of course! You can pre order here: Eventbrite.com - Underground Rebound Merchandise and pick up at the event or purchase anytime during the event.
Note: some items at the event may be in limited supply, size and color.

Where can I find a hotel or campground near the event?

Here is a map of motels, campgrounds, and RV accommodations in the area. When making reservations, be sure to mention you're attending the Underground Rebound.

May I bring my Jeep Liberty, Cherokee, Compass, Patriot, Grand Cherokee, or Commander?

Of course! As long as it is capable of 4 wheel drive Lo range. Most new Jeep vehicles with a 4-LO transfer case are Trail Rated. Your Jeep four-wheel-drive vehicle is required to be street legal with license plate, in good condition, with good tires, brakes, and seat belts. Three Jeepers, LLC reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant whose vehicle does not meet these requirements.

Can my friend who owns a Toyota or Honda also participate?

Only if he or she parks it outside of the venue and rides in your Jeep! The Underground Rebound is strictly for Jeep 4x4s and we only have enough parking availeble for event participants.

Could my vehicle be damaged on a the underground route?

Every effort is made by Three Jeepers, LLC to make the trails as safe as possible. Participants are advised to closely follow instructions given by trail guides. However, there's always the possibility of damage to your vehicle when traveling off road. Any damage is the owner's responsibility.

When is the cutoff date to register?

You may register up to the date of the event, subject to availability. On-site registrations are NOT allowed. All participants must be pre-registered.

What do I need to bring in addition to my Jeep?

  • YOu MUST bring your Jeep's registration and proof of insurance.

We recommend the following:
  • A CB radio. Learn interesting facts about the area – history, as well as what others are saying.
  • Heavy-duty tow straps.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • A camera and/or video camera.
  • Flashlight and fresh batteries.
  • A portable chair.
  • NOTE: ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT IN TO THE VENUE. Violators will have their beverages confiscated at the gate. Coolers will be checked on arrival.

Do you have a FaceBook page?

We have a Facebook Group "Underground Jeep Crawl"


Please contact us with your questions.

Three Jeepers, LLC

Email: undergroundjeep@gmail.com

NOTE: Due to the unique nature and location of this event, unforseen cicumstances beyond our control may force us to alter the route, change the dates, and/or cancel the event all together.