Underground Rebound

a fundraiser to Save the Mine and the future Underground JEEP Crawl.
Friday July 28th, Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th. In Crystal City Missouri.
Friday afternoon (after noon) check in and camping and food. We will ride up to Surdyke Harley-Davidson for the Parking Lot Bash and off-road trail ride at 7:30 pm. Saturday gates open at 7 am and trails open about 8 am, we plan on riding through our outdoor trails (beginner, intermediate & expert) there is also an extreme area too. We will be going as far into the mine as the flood waters will allow. There will be vendors and sponsors at the event with auctions and merchandise to purchase.

Auction (You have to be present to win the crates) 3 pm winners will be announced.
There are three Jeep crates to be auctioned off.
1st has a set of 5 wheels from Jackson Tire.
2nd will have a Jeep shade by Mojo.
3rd will be filled with goodies from Surdyke Harley-Davidson.
There will also be a few give-aways and smaller auctions.
There will be a zip-line and live music.

Sunday will be check out and hopefully a breakfast food truck plus a planned convoy ride through the lovely countryside of Jefferson County. *Details to come*
ONLY 4x4 JEEPS will be permitted to drive through the trail and the mine. No Hondas, Buggies, VW's and such. We cannot provide a worthwhile event if we are hauling out stuck & broken vehicles all day. We will not admit unregistered Jeeps the day of the event.

At registration you will be able to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts decals & hats, (it's cold in the mine) If you do not get your merchandise at registration there will be a limited supply at the event.

This is a family friendly event so bring your children and friendly dogs. You will be expected to pick up after your pets and NO LITTERING. If caught littering you will be escorted out of the event. We want to do this annually and we will leave the venue cleaner than when we found it.
There will be live music, and a ZIPLINE. Bring your appetite because there will be food & beverage vendors along with food trucks. DO NOT bring in your own alcohol! There will be a couple vendors with alcohol but this is a family friendly event with driving involved. There will be a police presence outside the gate. Let's drink responsibly.
We are really excited for this event and there are just three of us running this. We ask that you be patient with us as we work through this. We want this to be safe and enjoyable for everyone. There is only one viable entrance/exit to and from the venue so please understand that there may be some bottlenecking as we get everyone in and out. There is an emergency exit route for emergency service vehicles only.

If you or a group of you wish to volunteer PM Rachel Fischer, Kurt Richeson or myself Chris Fischer.

When, Where, How...

On July 28-29, 2017 Join us in Crystal City, MO for the Underground Rebound to save the mine!
Pre-register online at Eventbrite.com - Underground Rebound
Read the FAQ for more info.

Countdown to Underground Rebound, July 28-29, 2017